The consultancy that solves business problems through AI-based solutions.

Business experience and specialized training are the strong points of our AI consultancy team.
Our Business Translators are highly specialized figures with advanced technical skills and an in-depth understanding of business matters and are dedicated to facing business challenges and identifying the best AI-based solutions.
Turning a business requirement into an AI-based solution or finding new business applications for AI algorithms is a skill that requires specialized technical competences -PhDs, post-docs -. Something ahead Research is not short of.
Our Business Translators also guarantee that all business objectives are reached.

The aHead method for AI consultancy

Our consultancy offer consists of several phases, each of which is extremely important. In any project for the implementation of AI-based solutions, the first step is certainly the most critical. Indeed, during the process analysis, all questions concerning the opportunities deriving from AI-based applications are formulated, and the answers to those questions are found.
Here are some examples of the typical questions emerging from the analysis and opportunity-mapping stage:

-How have the research processes been carried out so far?
-Which of these processes would benefit from partial or total automation?
-Which business functions would be affected by a potential automation, and how?
-Among the various opportunities for improvement, which ones are expected to bring the most value, and why?
-What are the enabling factors that would make the application of such automation opportunity -or opportunities- easier?
-Which operations need prioritizing? What are the time estimates for such operations to bring value to the affected areas and processes?

By answering these questions, the AI consultant of aHead Reasearch outlines, together with the partner and/or client, a potential roadmap for a sustainable operation, both in terms of elapsed and effort. Moreover, they identify the goals that can be achieved, including the KPIs in the measurement of the obtained results during and after the implementation of the project.

aHead Research is the point of reference for the stakeholders

The role of our AI consultants is not limited to finding and prioritizing areas of possible intervention. Indeed, experience has taught us that after identifying and designing a PoC, continuous exchange between the area expert and the technology expert is fundamental to the proper development of the project.
Therefore, our AI consultants also act as a go-between between the algorithmic development team and the stakeholders -business functions, IT, Operations, etc. This dialogue allows for a prompt identification of areas of improvement and/or possibilities of re/de-scoping, based on both the intermediate results and the interests of all parties involved in the operation.

Presenting the resolution approach and the prototype results

Presenting the results of a project is undoubtedly the most satisfying stage of the AI Consultancy performance.
Although consensus and agreement among all parties involved are fostered throughout all phases of the project, the final presentation of the results is one of the most exciting stages, for all stakeholders. The AI Consultant not only presents the results, but also illustrates the algorithmic approach to an audience of specialists as well as less expert figures.
Different stakeholders usually have different goals, and that is why sharing the results is fundamental, in that it satisfies all needs by following the different perspectives on the operation. In fact, the more economic values are considered without losing sight of the IT priorities and the need for sharing information with all parties involved.

Technological scouting to support our AI consultancy

The AI Consultancy of aHead Research is not limited to the implementation of the chosen solution, but also supports the client or the partner in selecting the most appropriate technology. Indeed, there can be multiple approaches and technologies to the resolution of a given business matter. The goal of our AI Consultants is to identify that solution works best for each individual matter. Supported by the algorithm experts of aHead Research, they conduct technological scouting to find the easiest technology to solve even the most complex problems.
Our objective is to safeguard the interests of clients and partners, and we achieve that by avoiding uselessly complex algorithms that may cause issues in terms of robustness, interpretation, and hardware resource employment.