The importance of collaborating with universities and research centers


Collaborating with academical partners and research centers is extremely important in bringing value to our customers, in that it helps providing avant-guarde, AI-based solutions that solve all sorts of business problems.

The advantages of University collaborations


In aHead Research, we are firmly convinced that collaborations with universities and research centers is a powerful way to guide innovation and AI-based solutions in any industrial process. Daily dialogue with professors, post-docs and doctors provides us with direct access to specialized knowledge and a vast array of fields in Artificial Intelligence that we would not be able to reach or build ourselves. Moreover, providing real problems to the researchers motivates them towards centering their research and academic activity on solutions that have concrete applications.

Specialized knowledge


aHead Research provides AI-based solutions that involve a vast array of research problems – i.e., operative research, machine learning and simulation. In order to give our clients that best possible service, we have to face a large number of research problems within the several areas of interest. It would therefore be impossible to have specialized, updated knowledge in each research area. In this sense, collaborating with universities is key, as it allows us to scout and research cutting-edge solutions for each new problem.